me_aboutCountry artist, writer, singer and guitarist Michael Eston was born in McConnellsburg, PA, in 1983. His parents separated when he was 16 years old, and he spent his childhood with his mother in McConnellsburg through the school years while spending the summers working with his father on the farm.

His first public solo appearance as a singer was at church when he was 5 years old. His favorite artist’s back then were Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr, Charlie Daniels, David Allen Coe and Willie Nelson. He’d sing songs like “Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys,” “Never Even Called Me by My Name,” “Family Tradition,” and “Folsom Prison.”

His initial love of music and songwriting came from his parents and the Old Timers Hunting Club where he learned how to tell a story. Notoriety first came to Michael while singing camp songs with the hunters. His lyrical prowess was born by the stories that everyone would share with him as a young boy.

During college Michael Eston took his love for music to the next level. He bought his first guitar and taught himself to play by ear and soon found himself writing and performing his songs at local bars.

Michael spent the next five years traveling for work, struggling to hold down a job.  This lonesome time spent on the road fueled Michael’s songwriting, as a way to express the hard and darkened times that he endured.  From the very core of his past struggles with clinical anxiety issues came the heart and soul felt confessions of a man struggling with his own demons.

With his father spending the majority of Michael’s life traveling to provide for the family, his mother encouraged Michael by making sure that he learned to play the piano, saxophone, and trombone to hopefully one day stand on his own musically. From that support and guidance he has taken his career to a new level; currently booking gigs in Nashville and college towns up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

In the Spring of 2013, Michael Eston secured an investment that financed a five song EP to sell at shows, recording it in Arkansas and Los Angeles, with Billboard Hot 100 #1 Hit producer Stacy Heydon and the backing members of the rhythm section from the American Country Music Awards All Star Band and the back up band for Charlie-palozza.

When the recording deals went south and his songwriting contract did as well, Michael Eston was on the ropes and on the verge of giving up on a music career when fate came in and all so suddenly Michael Eston had attracted the attention of True Grit Productions to peruse his dream.

His debut album / CD simply called “Michael Eston” is scheduled for a summer release.

Michael Eston’s voice so selectively guides the listener through each storyline, heartbreak, and journey as if it were their very own.

His voice carries both strength and sensitivity in harmony with his imposing presence and message in each track. His baritone emotionally laden voice commands respect while taking the listener on a ride through each storyline, tossed with a sprinkle of a western PA dialect and sarcasm, which make it refreshingly unique.

“Jack Daniels Angry” is where storytelling meets reality, and a possible candidate to crossover to the Pop Top 20.

“Outcast” and “Dead Mans Song” encompass Michael Eston’s variance of styles including both a gut wrenching and dark approach to a humor based storyline and everything in between.

“My Melody” will take you on a journey you have endured yourself or at the least, been tempted to. This “…Garden of Eden-esque” tale of right verses wrong innately tears at your emotional fiber and traditional views on relationships.

Triumphs such as these will soon make him a major force in country music.